Q&A with Dr. Timm Golueke

Q&A with Dr. Timm Golueke

Q&A with Dr. Timm Golueke

Skin care is a complex issue - that's why dermatologist and Royal Fern founder Dr. Timm Golueke is committed to answering two of your beauty questions, every month.

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September 2019

No 2




In a nutshell: plenty of sleep, a healthy diet and using skincare products that offer cellular protection.

These three measures work together to increase your skin’s natural regeneration and defense capabilities. During sleep, the skin has the opportunity to replenish itself and restore its damaged defense mechanisms.

A healthy diet supplies the skin with antioxidants, flavonoids and other substances that provide cellular protection, thereby strengthening the skin from within.

Using a product which boosts cellular defense supplements this protection from the outside, so to speak – again, thanks to the use of antioxidants, and other ingredients. Ideally, active ingredients should be released gradually to ensure the longest possible protection.

I would like to add a fourth element of care: cleansing the skin in the morning and evening. In doing so, you remove environmental residues along with the skin’s own metabolic wastes, both of which your skin otherwise has to work to combat.

August 2019

No 1



No, Royal Fern is not a certified natural cosmetics line because natural cosmetics are subject to regulations that, in my opinion, exclude very useful, tried and tested ingredients. For example, our preferred liposome technology could not be implemented in a manner that conforms to the standards for natural cosmetics.

In creating the Royal Fern cosmetics line, I’ve decisively embraced the remarkable powers of nature, which are united in the Royal Fern Complex, a blend of mineral oxide and botanical ingredients that work together synergistically. As is often the case in natural cosmetics, the whole that arises from the fusion of ingredients is even greater than the benefits of its individual components – this is certainly true of Royal Fern.

Many prized herbal ingredients are used in Royal Fern products: macadamia nut oil, wild rose oil, and jojoba oil, to name a few. Moreover, the vitamin C we use is not synthetically produced, but derived from acerola cherries.

Ethical standards are also of tremendous importance to me – for example, in developing Royal Fern no animal experiments have been or will ever be carried out.

All in all, in developing Royal Fern, I resolved to combine the best of both worlds: the power of nature and the advancements of modern dermatology. I also follow this principle when caring for my own skin.

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