Skincare Basics

Skincare Essentials

There’s no end to the rumors, myths, half-truths and misunderstandings around skin care – and that’s made it all the more essential to Dr. Golueke to ensure that you know what skincare routine and products will give you the optimal results.


  • Mild, yet thorough, cleansing

  • Protection against moisture loss and support of the skin’s own powers of defense (i.e. cell protection) via the appropriate products and care

  • The most essential (and simplest!) routine is therefore: cleansing and nourishing.

Cleansing is essential for removing dead skin cells as well as environmental pollutants, such as fine dust – particularly in cities. Skin should be cleansed mornings as well as evenings, in order to remove non-soluble metabolites from the skin.

A good skincare product should cater to your individual skin type and include ingredients that both moisturize and offer cellular protection. The latter boost your skin's natural defenses against environmental pollutants, the aging process, and more.

If you do just two things for your skin, these should be cleansing and moisturizing (2x daily).


  • Aging of the skin is ultimately the result of chronic inflammations

  • These inflammations may arise as a reaction of the skin to environmental irritants, such as UV radiation and fine dust, as well as to mechanical irritants

  • Some inflammatory processes are genetic; therefore aging of the skin cannot be entirely prevented

  • You can, however, reduce the inflammatory processes caused by environmental irritants. In this way, you can slow down the skin’s aging process – more so than if you did not take these measures.

  • Measures you can take to reduce inflammatory processes caused by environmental irritants include protecting the skin against harmful environmental irritants, such as UV radiation, and strengthening the skin’s natural powers of defense, for example by using products containing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients


  • In the past, special anti-aging skincare lines were recommended for use from a certain age. Such formulas were usually extremely rich.

  • Today, we know that the ingredients which are decisive in countering the aging process are active agents that protect the skin cells from stress and the resulting chronic inflammations. In addition to cellular protection, stimulating the regeneration of skin cells, as well as collagen and elastin, is also advantageous.

  • As ingredients providing cellular defense minimize the aging of the skin, virtually any skin can benefit from these ingredients. Therefore, the question “When should you start using products offering cell protection?” is as easy – or as difficult – to answer as the question at what age do you start benefitting from including plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet.

  • A good – even a very light cream, depending on your skin type – which contains active ingredients providing cellular protection can and should be used at virtually any age. Because no matter how young or old your skin is, it will welcome any support against environmental pollutants.